Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Birthdays are when we all celebrate the fact that we’ve made it another twelve months without dying. It should therefore come as no surprise that I consider the birthdays of blacks a much more impressive accomplishment than that of whites. Why, just this morning I was listening to the weather report and it predicted clear sunny skies; except if you were black, in which case you could expect thunderstorms, flooding and a freak tornado.

When I was younger, I would always wish I could live to be the oldest person on earth. But that was before I learned that the title is actually cursed. Haven’t you noticed that every time someone is declared the oldest person on earth, they die like within a year!

Now that I’m only two years short of three decades old, I’m crossing that ephemeral line between young adult and adult adult. (That’s where you still want to eat fruit loops, but at the same time you're concerned about its fibre content.)


mist1 said...

Every year, I think about parting with my slutty wardrobe and buying mature, lady-like clothing.

L>T said...

great birthday cartoon.

I don't enjoy birthdays at all. Not that I'm hung up on getting older as much as the redundancy of it...My family loves to foist them on you wether you like it or not.
My mothers favorite thing is to remind how much I'm starting to look like her. She knows I hate it & she cackles with glee, & everyone else is supposed to chime in.
Ha ha, a good laugh at my expense & then they make you eat that damn cake(i've always hated cake), after they all stare at you & sing.
I mean why don't they just put me in the middle of a circle & poke me with sticks?

Well, this is about you not me, So HAPPY BIRTHDAY *<:-) enjoy your fruit loops

L>T said...

P.S. I really am hoping you will check out my latest post since you are such a great storyteller & so witty. :)

Kris said...

I think that was the best birthday post I have ever seen. SMH @ our birthdays being accomplishments... I love it!


Lung-Hsi Lee said...

I'm very impressed by what you wrote. You seem to be a optimistic person. I mean in Chinese culture, we always think that we are one more year older when we celebrate our birthdays. But, we seldom think the other side which you said "We have lived another 12 months without dying". We seem to take it for granted but in fact we shouldn't do it I think.

By the way, congratulations on your survival for another one year- Happy Birthday.