Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Most Finalest Final Goodbye…Of Doom!

Roughly two years ago—armed with nothing but a second-rate lap top, a hyperactive imagination and an unfulfilled sex-drive, I began this blog. Originally, it was supposed to chronicle my many (mis)adventures as a Nubian nerd living in Kilt-country. But it has turned out to be so much less more. Granted, my lap top remains second-rate and I’m more shag-deprived than ever. But I have been able to e-meet some really cool people (L>T and Warya come to mind), compose a number of morally uplifting posts, and significantly contribute to the overall wellbeing to the human species.

But now I’m finally saying goodbye to Scotland! There is much I am going to miss about Great Britian’s very own third-world country; the short dark days, the long cold nights, the endless rain, the taste-less food. It pains me deeply to leave. On the upside, I will now be living on the same continent as Mist1. (And who knows, perhaps I will one day meet the body that houses the mind that so often made me wet with desire. Mist1, if you’re reading this, you can expect my formal marriage proposal shortly.) But lingering internet crushes aside; I’m going to sorely miss Scotland. So I bid a sorrowful farewell to the land of a myriad sheep, a loch dwelling monster, and the mournful melody of bagpipes; where wild Haggis roam free and Mel Gibson is worshipped as a god. O’ what fleeting dream, what idle fantasy! Alas, my mescaline visions are at an end.


Lizza said...

Awwwwww. Poor Scotland. The word bereft comes to mind.

However, it's bad enough you didn't post a photo of yourself in a kilt (sans undies), but to claim that you've been shag-deprived...pffft!

Happy trails, NN!

mist1 said...

I do.

Mind if I don't wear white? It'd be a stretch.